Lawn Maintenance

lawn maintenance

Beautiful Lawns Require Proper Lawn Maintenance

When the spring and summer seasons are in full swing, our crew is too! We perform weekly lawn maintenance throughout the season and up until the end of Autumn. Throughout the season, The Farina Company will cut and inspect your lawn ensuring that every blade of grass is healthy and free of insects and other lawn pests. Most people don’t realize what is needed to have a beautiful lawn. It takes attention to detail. Since grass is a living thing it must be observed to protect against disease and lack of proper irrigation. So every week when we show up to mow your lawn, we also have a keen eye on the health and condition of the lawn.

Fertilization – a part of our Lawn Maintenance Program

We fertilize early in the season and after the fall clean-up. Fertilizing your lawn is a very important part of our lawn maintenance program and by applying an application of nutrients like phosphorus and nitrogen to the grass this will ensure your lawn stays lush and beautiful. No lawn maintenance program is complete without insect and weed control. We use the best products on the market and also offer organic alternatives.

Another important factor in keeping your lawn looking green is ensuring against drought. If natural rainfall isn’t happening on a regular basis its very important to make sure you water your lawn to prevent it from drying out and turning brown.

So stop thinking “the grass is greener on the other side” – you too can have the beautiful lawn you’ve always dreamed of.

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